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10 Packing Tips & Travel Hacks for your Summer Vacation

We know summer can be BUSY – summer leagues and camps, road-trips, visiting friends and family and vacations full of making fun memories!

Typically with a busy summer comes lots of packing, lists of items you don’t want to forget, and even last minute trips to the store.

Well, we are here to make that packing process a little smoother for your summer!

Here are 10 travel hacks for Summer that our team at WII use to make packing more seamless and less stressful.

1. Make a List

It may seem silly but we all remember those random items we need to bring in the middle of the night, so making a list and adding to it as things come to mind will ensure you don’t forget anything as you are packing up.

It is also super helpful to organize your list by category – clothes, shoes, accessories, toiletry items, food, documents/papers you may need for travel.

2. Organize the small stuff

Packing cubes– I have tried it all – folding, rolling, stacking my clothes in a Tetris-like way to get them to all fit in a suitcase – sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t, but using packing cubes has been hands downs the most efficient way to pack all my clothes!

These packing cubes from IKEA are always the first things I get when I start the packing process. I love being able to separate my outfits on the way to a trip or vacation and then use them to separate clean clothes from dirty on the way home. They are the BEST –

IKEA Packing Cubes

Makeup bag- It feels like every time you think you’ve shut and tightened every lid in your bag, something seems knocks your bag just right so that you end up with lotion (or whatever it may be) all over your bag.

Our make up bags are lined with vinyl on the inside are an essential, so when things spill it doesn’t ruin your make up bag or leak to other items you packed! Here is our favorite make up bag that we have in stock right now –

Hope Ignites Life Makeup Bag

Toiletry bag

Toiletry bag handmade in Rwanda

Packing light can be so difficult to do sometimes, but we have found that our hanging toiletry bags make this easy!

It is flat, has several separate compartments on the inside, and the handles are great hanging in the bathroom to have some counter space!

Hope Ignites Life Toiletry bag

Cord organizer

Here’s how this usually plays out: I’m on a long flight, and my device needs to charge, so I dive into my backpack looking for the right cord…I end up pulling everything out of my bag searching for the cord that I need!

This cord organizer from Amazon has made finding cords and accessories so much easier!

Amazon Cord Organizer

3. Pack snacks

Travel can be unpredictable. You never know when you may need something to keep you going. If you’re flying, don’t forget to pack a few high-protein snacks in your carry-on.

These Gomacro bars are perfect to pack for a high-protein snack while traveling! Our favorites are anything with peanut butter and the oatmeal chocolate chip.

Our Favorite Travel Snack!

4. Pack Dry Shampoo (and a travel size in your carry-on)

Dry shampoo is a game charger, especially if you are flying. There is always a

chance of getting delayed somewhere unexpectedly.

Here is our favorite dry shampoo to keep with us while traveling –

NYM Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

5. For the perfume fanatic who loves to travel with a few comforts from home: this easy-fill sprayer is a game changer.

Perfume bottles are typically awkward to pack and prone to leaking so we have found that using this handy sprayer from The Container Store is essential when on the go – it takes up virtually no space and holds just the right amount.

Easy-fill Sprayer

6. Pack accessories to match any outfit.

We LOVE a classic ring that would match multiple outfits while away from home – it is just one less thing to think about, and you can be confident your outfit is complete!

Also a little added bonus – each piece of WII jewelry comes in a small drawstring bag that makes packing jewelry stress-free.

You know you won’t lose anything, AND you can keep your necklaces from getting tangled.

Here is one of our favorite, new rings:

Plant Baby Ring

7. For the Coffee lovers: Pack this collapsible pour over or travel french press to have a great cup of coffee – even while camping or visiting remote locations!

This pour over is great for putting in your carry-on because it is expandable. It’s also really durable. We’ve known coffee-loving friends to pack ceramic pour overs, but you wont have to worry about breaking this one.

Travel Pour Over

This is a French press and travel mug, all-in-one and is easy to clean.

Stanley also makes a travel press to boil hot water right in the press!

Stanley Travel French Press Mug

8. Stick application make-up

This is a great travel hack for getting ready on-the-go. Liquid makeup containers can easily spill or break. For fast (and mess free) application, pack makeup items like eye shadow pencils & foundation, blush, and concealer sticks.

Tip and Tricks for long flights

9. Noise-canceling, wireless headphones + Bluetooth Transmitter with aux. cable

If you’re like me, you’ve fallen asleep watching a movie mid-flight…This hack won’t have you waking up when your neighbor needs to leave their seat during your movie (or nap).

Noise Canceling Headphones

Use wireless, Bluetooth headphones paired with a Bluetooth transmitter with aux cable to get rid of the cords between you and your seat. Bonus! These will transmit to two devices simultaneously!

AirFly Bluetooth Transmitter

10. Here’s one of our favorite travel hacks: The Mid-Travel Reset

When travel days are 24 hours (or more), it helps to use the time in your layover to reset like it’s a different day.

Be sure to pack a change of clothes, makeup wipes, lotion, dry shampoo, and any other travel-sized toiletries you might need in your carry-on for a quick reset to help you feel fresh and get you mentally prepared for the next leg of travel!


Every purchase from The Hope Store empowers women in Rwanda to overcome the cycle of poverty while making the world a more beautiful place. Thank you for your “yes” to make a difference in their lives!

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